WATCH: Video of a duck ‘feeding’ grain to fish goes viral on Twitter |

A video posted on Twitter by an account known as Sci-Nature Hub exhibits a duck standing over a carton of feed, close to some water. In the video, this duck seems to be feeding the fish, within the water, the grain.
The kind-hearted duck picks up some grain from its container and dips it into the water to permit the fish to feed on it. While it does appear to be that in the first place look, the fact is kind of totally different. First, watch the video:

In actuality, geese have to dip their meals into the water earlier than consuming. So possibly the fish are literally stealing the duck’s meals. Whatever the fact could also be, the video does give a pleasant ethical lesson on sharing and caring.
See what a number of the Twitter customers needed to say:

Now whether or not it’s simply feeding the “homies” or getting scammed for meals, that is as much as you. Let us know what you assume.

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