Coronavirus vaccine: What could possibly be the worst case state of affairs if we do not get a vaccine?

Whether or not a vaccine may work might rely on the present state of affairs.

Current timeline dictates that totally different cities peak at totally different instances. While COVID-19 may not likely go away, it may be doable that the outbreaks can be extra localized and switch into endemics sooner or later. Hence, the precedence needs to be made to keep away from reinfections.

Before a vaccine turns into actuality, the world over should undertake measures which work in the direction of stopping reinfections. Identifying those uncovered, contact tracing, sustaining secure distancing and imposing strict quarantines for individuals who have been uncovered, together with repeated serosurveys may assist confine the unfold of the an infection. Scientists have stated that international locations with the bottom coronavirus charges practised this and profitable quarantine measures have been useful in limiting COVID unfold to close zero in some locations.

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