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June 28, 2020


Arnold Schwarzenegger also known as the “Austrian Oak” is one of the greatest action heroes to ever grace the silver screen so here are 10 amazing facts you may not be aware of now some of these facts you may be aware of I’m gonna give you some extra information tohelp you appreciate the man even more in addition to that I’m gonna provide somekey takeaways that correlate to these Arnold facts so make sure to stay until theend because there’s gonna be something worth learning more about now let’sappreciate this man because I know he motivated inspired many of you just likehe did myself oh and make sure to comment below .

Here are some Top 10 Amazing ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Facts

number 10- on the list he’s actually a lot bigger than you think but he’s also a lotsmaller than you think this may sound contradictory on itssurface let me explain when you conjure up an image of honor short snicker inyour head he’ll likely be an image from the 80s or 90s from one of his actionmasterpieces which is how most people first seen him and will remember him bythe Terminator Predator commando or even Conan and while he sported a veryimpressively muscular physique in those films he’s actually much bigger on stagewhen he was competing in bodybuilding so he’s actually a lot bigger than mostpeople think of remember from a muscular perspective as far as himbeing a lot smaller than you think there are two things going on first we have toput things in perspective I’m sure a lot of you first see pneumonia with kidsgrowing up in the 80s and 90s he was larger than lifewe probably compared him to our own fathers and other male adults in ourlives most likely puny in comparison so we’veseen him as a very large man but look at this picture of Arnold next a real bigmen while shooting Conan the Destroyer Andre the Giant and Wilt Chamberlain andmake him look like a little doll also as far as his actual height goes it’sreported that he’s 6 foot 2 but I’m not so sure that’s actually accurate he’slikely closer to 6 foot in my opinion let’s be honest most of us probablyround up when someone asks us how tall we are for example I’m 5 foot 9 but Iclaim 5’10” also as far as people who have actually seen him in person they’llusually say he’s not quite as tall as you’d thinkcase in point one of my ex’s father who’s six foot five by the way claimedthat Arnold was barely taller than me I’d say realistically Arnold’s probably2 to 3 inches taller than me but regardless of height or size he’scertainly larger than life the key takeaway here is just to put things in perspective as that as many of you think you may have it right now in your own life I guarantee there are millions of people that would trade shoes with youin a heartbeat I mean literally 1 in 3 people globally do not even have accessto safe drinking water

number 9 on the list is that he’s actually way richer than you thinkhe’s realistically probably worth half a billion dollars that’s 500 milliondollars let’s put that in perspective let’s say somebody made $50,000 a yearit would literally take them 20 years to get up to a million dollars and that’sif they didn’t get taxed on any of it and they didn’t spend a single dollarfor living expenses it would take them 20 years just to hit the million dollarmark if you’re thirty years old and just had a kidthey’d be well on their way to graduate not only high school but college in thatamount of time so 500 million dollars that’s working that same job for tenthousand years now I think that gives you a realistic picture of just how muchmoney that actually is but here’s the cool thing you don’t have to be aninternational movie star to make that kind of money though it certainly helpsbut that’s not how Arnold amassed such wealth he actually started a brick layingbusiness in the late 60s with Franco Columbu who is also a workout partner ofhis at the time he then managed to parlay that into his mail order businessselling exercise equipment and instructional videos then he became achampion bodybuilder we all know and transitioned into the movie star we allloved and then parlayed that money into real estate investments and otherbusiness ventures despite being from Austria he is a human embodiment of theAmerican dream an Arnold grew up in a small village in a house that had nophone no fridge and no toilet in fact he says one of the biggest highlights ofthis youth was when his family could afford to buy a refrigerator here’s atakeaway on this one it doesn’t really matter where he came fromArnold’s great success is not nearly as unique as you think now don’t get mewrong he’s extremely successful and wealthy and obviously among what wouldbe considered the ultra wealthy which by definition is usually considered wealthin excess of 30 million dollars but here’s where I’m going with this hissuccess is not unattainable had very humble beginnings in fact themajority of ultra wealthy individuals are actually selfmade just shy of 70% of them in fact let that sink in and think about thispicturing the self-made guy with the kind of fu money who flies around in hisown Learjet let’s say was wiped out in a day all of his wealth gone do you thinkhe would ever get it back of course he can now picture the average guy or girlcould they ever get that kind of fu money in their own Learjet wellthey most likely won’t but they’re essentially starting at the same levelas a self-made individual who did so why couldn’t they something to think aboutkey takeaway don’t set limits for yourself in other words just like Arnoldnever did speaking of Arnold growing up

number 8 on the list is that his father never liked him and instead had a clear preference for Arnold’s older brother Mein hard sad but true the reason for this was that apparently stem from his father’s unfounded suspicions that Arnold was not his biological son now whether or not that was true the fact of the matter is Arnold did not have a great childhood as a result and did not even get along with his own brother though he was at least close with his mother key takeaway here is that at the end of the day some people have it easier than others and we can consider them lucky but what we really need to focus on is a great quote by Bruce Lee he says “don’t pray for an easy life pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” so

number 7 on this list he was way stronger than you think they don’t just cast anybody as Hercules after all he may not exactly be able to show the press a Mini Cooper during his early years in bodybuilding he also competed in Olympic weightlifting and power lifting contests he won two weightlifting contests in 1964 and 65 as well as two power lifting contests in 1966 and 68 in 1967 he even won the Munich stone lifting contests lifting a five hundred and sixty pound stone between his legs while standing on two foot rests as far as his Olympic lifts go his personal records for those were a clean impress of 264 pounds a snatch of 243 pounds and clean-and-jerk of 298 pounds as far as the big three lifts for power lifting goes his pros from records for those were squad of 545 pounds a bench press of 520 pounds and a dead lift of 710 pounds no siree big list would add up to a total of 1775 pounds very impressiv every solid numbers for the key takeaway here is not to just look the part but be the part especially in this day and age where everyone seems to put up a front especially on social media but for you lifters out there don’t just pile on the weight and risk injury instead I think most gym rats you focus on being more athletic and agile so

number 6 on the list is it’s way more dominant body building than you think in fact the Guinness Book of World Records called him the most perfectly developed man in the history of the world I’m sure plenty of you are aware that he’s won the mr. Universe title as well as numerous mr. Olympia titles let’s get a little more specific here and break down what he really achievedhe became the youngest mr. universe in history winning that first title at the age of 20 and then winning it several other times as well but the biggest competition of bodybuilding is actually the mr. Olympia the brainchild of Joe Weider who created it as a way to enable winners of the Mr Universe title to compete against one another honest first Olympia appearance was in 1969 and he took second place to Sergio Olivia the following year in 1970 Arnold would win the highly coveted title and continue a dominant reign until 1975 when he would retire from the sport the 1975 and mr. Olympia was a subject of the documentary pumping iron by the way which really helped the sport of bodybuilding gain some much-needed popularity Arnold would then make acomeback in the 1980 mr. Olympia and be the subject of yet another documentary this one appropriately titled comeback after an absence of five years six times mr. Olympia when her arms war singer makes a comeback and attempts to take the world bodybuilding championship for the seventh time and he did this one however was considered controversial as some people believe he wasn’t deserving of the title his most outspoken critic at the time was a late Mike Mentzer who came in fifth place that year but Arnold’s win and the overall politics with in bodybuilding as a whole of such a bad taste in Mike Mentzer’s mouth he wound up retiring his posing trucks and decided never compete again never the less whether Arnold Schwarzenegger was deserving with that 1980 mr. Olympia title win or not that contest would gain him his seventh overall title and he still remains the face of bodybuilding to this date and an overall great ambassador for the sport the key takeaway here is and we’re gonna go with Mike Mentzer’sperspective life’s not fair it never was for anyone and never will be but you know what get over it Mike Mentzer never got over the 1980 mr.Olympia he felt like he gave the contest is all but was a victim of politics andconspiracy I could clearly see why he might be frustrated but let the anger and frustration subside don’t let it consume you don’t let it turn you into a victim so what if you were passed up on that job promotion by another colleague who was less deserving of it if you really feel that way and you’re honest with yourself and you know your value then find another company that will pay you for what you’re worth it’s too easy for us to get complacent I’ve been there myself some

number 5 on the list ishis dedication of training was insane he was obsessed although Arnold Schwarzenegger was always athletic he wasn’t immediately drawn toweigh tlifting the study got his start in soccer I’ll say as a way to try to impress his father who had some catch in the iron bug however at around the age of 14 or 15 after her soccer coach took him and his team to do some weight training at the local gym and that moment on Arnold was hookedhe gave up soccer and began pursuing the career as a professional bodybuilder and strongman after he had started lifting weights as a teenager he noticed this body was becoming disproportionate his arms and chest were developing nicely but as the calves and lower legs weren’t quite getting the same type of development to motivate himself to work even harder on his calves he could of to his pants at the knees walk around like that people would look at and sometimes snicker out the big man with the chicken legs he was actually so dedicated as a teenager that when the local gym was closed on the weekend he would break in to work out all said it would make me sick to miss a workout Iknew I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror the next morning if I didn’t do it Schwarzenegger served in the Austrianarmy for here as part of the mandatory service requirement for all eighteen-year-old Austrian males he went AWOL during basic training so he could compete in the junior mr. Europe conscious and spent a week in military prison as a result honorable is also known as a volume trainer for example when training for the 1975 mr. Olympia title the schedule consisted training six days a week twice a day on Mondays Wednesdays and Friday sand once a day on Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays it’s not the type of volume that anyone would really advise these days and is actually pretty similar towhat Sylvester Stallone did throughout the 80s when training for a new Rocky or Rambo filmeven Stallone admits that what he did at the time was just overkill and no onereally needs to train that long to get great results the key takeaway here isthat to become great at something you have to become obsessed nowrealistically what most of us could take away from this is just to be moreefficient smarter with that time it’s not like any of us really have six hoursjust for a day to work out but we’re not exactly trying to be mr. Olympia eitherbut there’s no reason we can’t put in a solid efficient hour in the gym severaltimes a week just get off your phone if you’re gonna do that and cut the resttime down and you’ll still get great results remember to take advantage ofthe time you do have there some

number 4 on the list is the man has his own statute the statue of honor Schwarzenegger is an 8 foot tall bronzes culpture erected in 2012 in commemorate his 1970 mr. world title at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium was at that out of Turin where the 1970 mr. world competition was actually held at that time young bodybuilding sir I just arrived in the city fresh from the mr. universe victory in London and rĂ¼genthird president of Columbus City Council said that the statute not only memorialized as a partnership between Schwarzenegger in the city but also the former governors accomplishments in the state of California as well as his promotion of leadership and healthy lifestyles throughout the world the Veterans Memorial Auditorium was bulldozed in 2014 by the way so obviously that statue could not remain there the statue was moved downtown near the Columbus Convention Center where the annual Holland Sports Festival is held under Schwarzenegger has got another statue this time when carved out of a black oak tree trunk which is very fitting since his nickname is the Austrian oak master sculptor James O’Neill’s Austrian oak measures six foot two in height weighs 350 pounds and features Arnold in a signature bodybuilding pose the black oak statue took James O’Neal more than six months to complete the wooden statue of Arnold ended up being a big hit at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival and James O’Neill has since gathered quite the following on Instagram under his username James O’Neill woodart, he currently has over 25,000 followers the key takeaway here is to make a positive impact while most of us will never have a statue fashioned after us we can still positively impact lives whether it’s with your own children or volunteering to help out the less fortunate do something that helps in some way to make this world a better place when you leave and when it was when you arrived

number 3 on the list is that Arnold Schwarzenegger actually did ballet despite the tutus ballet is way more manlier than you may think ballet is all about grace and confidence body posture and creating visual symmetry with the body these elementsare what les Schwarzenegger become such a good poserso with bodybuilding you obviously need a good amount of muscle and it will define physique and with that you need to know how to properly show it off and Arnold certainly knew this I don’t think a lot of bodybuilders spend nearly enough time developing this skill in fact there was an amazing body builder in the 90s who is truly lacking in this area being Paul Dillet. Arnold: “Posing is just extremely important this is why I always say to bodybuilders, you must practice the posing as much as you train your body becauseit’s the very crucial stage it’s the last round that’s where you win or lose.Paul Dillet is 260 pounds has enormous chest and leg developments and I hope he works on his posing.” Arnold’s not the only one who practicee ballet in order to better their own craft by the way Jean-Claude Van Damme comes in mind he also implemented ballet and his own training to help increase his balanceand flexibility which is one reason he looks so incredibly graceful with hiskarate so you might think the takeaway here is that ballet is awesome which it certainly is but the real takeaway is to think about something you can include in your own life to make you better at your craft even if it’s something more broad like meditation for example that practice will make someone more focused and calm in all aspects of life speaking of meditation Arnold Schwarzenegger says a year of practicing Transcendental Meditation in the 1970s squashed his anxiety and fundamentally changed the way he approached life so

number 2 on this list despite all odds he became one of the most successful actors in the world before becoming one the most successful actors in the world he really had everything going against him yet his films that ended up grossing over 4 billion dollars worldwide when he started his acting career he was told his body was too muscular his accent was too thick and his name was too confusing for him to ever become successful in avery early film Hercules in New York for example Schwarzenegger was actuallycredited as Arnold Strong but he would soon drop the cheesy pseudonym insistedupon using his real name which has since become synonymous with some of thegreatest action films of all time going back to Hercules in New York thestudio ended up dubbing his voice due to his strong accent”I am tired of The same old faces, the same old things. “his accent has become part of his appeal since then, in fact, he said that he could speak English unscrupulously if he needed it. but added the very things that they said would make it impossible for me to be successful in acting were the things I became my assets referring to his name his voice “the same old things”and his physique the key takeaway here is that all of us are unique individuals we shouldn’t try to become something we’re not it’s not authentic what we should do however is become the best versions of ourselves that we can Arnold has clearly done this and achieved great success as a result speaking of movies

number 1 on this list Now it wouldn’t be on the same caliber what sylvester stall one that man directed two rocky three four Rocky Balboas as well as 2008’s. Rambo in 2010’s The Expendables Arnold gave us a remake of the film from 1945 something you’d probably never guess, for example it was romantic comedy 1992’s made for television movie Christmas and Connecticut the story sees a star of a successful cooking show that is set to do a live show on Christmas where she’ll cook Christmas dinner but what no one knows is that she can’t cook I’m not sure why I did this movie but he probably wanted to try something new and needed a break from all the action after 1991’s Terminator 2 Judgment Day smashed box-office records now the key takeaway here is to try new things you never know what will happen while Christmas in Connecticut didn’t exactly make Arnold a prominent film director and that was likely not his intention it is a good idea to stretch yourself I mean what if Arnold just stuck to soccer and never tried out weightlifting as a teenager well I’m pretty sure no one would have ever heard of him.

This was some Top 10 Amazing ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Facts

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