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    July 1, 2020


    We are so close to home on our journey through the solar system, but there’s just one last stop to make before flying to Mother Earth – and that’s Mars. This red beauty sits 4th closest to the sun and brings with it so many interesting facts… so sit back,and be sure to check your oxygen levels as we visit the planet of Mars.

    Here are the Top 10 Amazing facts about Mars.

    10. Distance from the Sun Though Mars is only the fourth planet fromthe sun, it still sits at a rather distant average of 141 million miles or 227 million kilometers from the Sun. In relation to our positioning, Mars is approximately 49 million miles or 78 million kilometers further than we are. Of course, all of this is not constant,considering Mars’ orbital pattern, which is more elliptical in shape, one of the more unique orbits in our solar system. At its furthest point from the sun, or at its aphelion,the red planet is approximately 154 million miles or 249 million kilometers away from the sun, while during perihelion, or closest point, Mars will be 128 million miles or 206 million kilometers away.

    9. A Distinguished Color The surface of the Martian planet is a rather distinguished reddish color, quite similar to the color of rust; and the reason may actually be quite similar to why rust looks as it does.The largest factor in behind Mars’ red hue is the high levels of iron oxide found inits surface material. What still perplexes us is how so much of the iron became oxidized in an atmosphere comprised of only .146% oxygen. Scientists point to several theories, including rain storms in Mars’ younger years, a billion years of sunlight breaking down carbon dioxide into oxidants, or heavy dust storms breaking down quartz crystals to expose oxygen-rich surfaces.

    8. Naming the Red Planet Being so bright and rather quite noticeable, there’s really no one person or civilization honored with being the first to see it. There are, however, those that first recorded sighting of the red planet, and high on that list were the ancient Egyptians, who dubbed the planet“Her Desher”, or “the red one”. Though we know it more commonly by the same name as the Roman God of War, Mars has several different monikers. Like the Romans, Greece associated the red planet with their God of War, Ares, while East Asian cultures consider it the “fire star.” Mars was first observed via telescope sometime in 1609 or 1610 bynone other than Galileo Galilei.

    7. The 2 Moons: Phobos and Deimos Pulling from popular mythology, Phobos and Deimos were the sons of the Greek God of War,Ares. The moons were discovered 6 days apart in August of 1877 by astronomer Asaph Hall,who was also responsible for determining the mass of the red planet. In terms of size,the two moons are considerably small, with Phobos coming in at 13 miles or 22 kilometers across and Deimos at 7 miles or 12 kilometers across. Relative to Earth’s moon, Mars’moons are about 1/200th the size of ours; however, Deimos is 20 times closer to Marsthan our Moon is to earth, orbiting at a close 12,470 miles or 20,069 kilometers away.

    6. A Martian Day Traveling throughout the solar system, you may have started to notice this trend: planets all have unique daily cycles. Mars is no different,but it actually has a daily cycle quite similar to Earth’s. One solar day on Mars is equaled to just under 24 hours and 40 minutes on Earth, but when we extend our time frame, we find that a Martian year is around 686 Earth days long. Both Earth and Mars share a simil araxial tilt and rotation period, which accounts for the small 39-minute difference. One Martian solar day is known as a “sol,” and this is how landing missions designate each days pent on the derelict planet.

    5. Climate and a Most Unusual Winter The similar rotation to Earth also means that Mars has four different seasons, though the orbital path is more oval than round, meaning that the lengths of these seasons are quite different. When put side-by-side with the other 8 planets, Mars has a rather strange weather pattern seen nowhere else – Martian snow – as water-ice snow has also been known to fall upon Mars’ surface. In relation to weather that we’re used to, Mars is quite colder than our home planet, with temperatures reaching an average of -80° F or -62° C,but can fluctuate between a bone-chilling -195° F or -125° C, to a very comfortable70° F or 20° C towards the equator during the day. Depending on proximity to the sun,both the southern and northern hemispheres are subject to very short summers or winters.

    4. Quite the Dusty Planet On top of unusual weather phenomenon, Marsis also quite the dust ball. Hollywood tends to depict the surface of Mars as being an expansive desert with large dust storms, but that’s not just for production value. It’s believed that a combination of volcanic eruptions, landslides, wind abrasion, impacts, and the surface’s overall dryness have attributed to the high level of dust. With such high levels of dust, it’s not uncommon for solar heating to warm the atmosphere, especially within the Hellas Basin, where temperatures are slightly warmer, which kick off the beginnings of a rather nasty storm. Within hours, a storm can form and within days, it can be a massive,planet-spanning cell that leaves the air fogged with dust residue for weeks after.

    3. Polar Caps Due to its red color, we often think of Marsas this red hot ball, but it is so far from that. In fact, Mars is home to two permanentice caps. The north and south polar caps differ slightly from Earth’s own caps in that theyare partially comprised of ice formed by carbon dioxide, otherwise known as dry ice, which would make sense considering Mars’ atmosphere is 95.32% Carbon dioxide. Mars’ North polarcap is made mostly of ice formed by water, with a thin layer of dry ice that dissipates and reappears seasonally. The smaller, South cap differs from its northerly counterpartin that it’s not as flat and contains large pits and troughs that have appeared due toerosion.

    2. Spiders From MarsIt’s a great concept for a terrible SyFy movie and was an even better name for David Bowie’s 5th studio album, but as of early 2016, Spiders from Mars is a real interestto the people of NASA. Alright, so we’re not really talking about 8-legged creepy crawlies,but rather a series of formations on the red planet that NASA personnel have dubbed spiders.The formations are troughs created every spring as the terrain erodes during the change of the ice cap from ice to vapor. The term “spider’ stems from the shape of the trough, which is created as gas flows beneath the ice to find an opening.

    1. Olympus Mons and Valles Marineris Along with spiders, strange weather, and aheaping of dust, Mars is also home to the largest volcano and one of the largest canyonsin the solar system. Olympus Mons puts to shame even our highest pique, Mount Everest;beating its elevation by three times. Theories state that the giant volcano was able to formon Mars due to lower surface gravity and higher eruption rates, two factors that would aidin creating the oversized ticking time bomb. Valles Marineris may not have the explosivepower that Olympus Mons does, but its 2,500 mile or 4,000 kilometer length puts to shamethe Grand Canyon, which comes in at 277 miles or 446 kilometers long, while comparing depths,Valles Marineris can be 6 times deeper than the grand canyon in certain parts. Scientiststoday believe that Valles Marineris was created during the formation of the Tharsis region,which is home to volcanoes like Olympus Mons.

    So this was some Top 10 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT MARS

    Human Facts

    Top 10 Amazing ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Facts

    June 28, 2020

    Top 10 Amazing ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Facts

    Arnold Schwarzenegger also known as the “Austrian Oak” is one of the greatest action heroes to ever grace the silver screen so here are 10 amazing facts you may not be aware of now some of these facts you may be aware of I’m gonna give you some extra information tohelp you appreciate the man even more in addition to that I’m gonna provide somekey takeaways that correlate to these Arnold facts so make sure to stay until theend because there’s gonna be something worth learning more about now let’sappreciate this man because I know he motivated inspired many of you just likehe did myself oh and make sure to comment below .

    Here are some Top 10 Amazing ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Facts

    number 10- on the list he’s actually a lot bigger than you think but he’s also a lotsmaller than you think this may sound contradictory on itssurface let me explain when you conjure up an image of honor short snicker inyour head he’ll likely be an image from the 80s or 90s from one of his actionmasterpieces which is how most people first seen him and will remember him bythe Terminator Predator commando or even Conan and while he sported a veryimpressively muscular physique in those films he’s actually much bigger on stagewhen he was competing in bodybuilding so he’s actually a lot bigger than mostpeople think of remember from a muscular perspective as far as himbeing a lot smaller than you think there are two things going on first we have toput things in perspective I’m sure a lot of you first see pneumonia with kidsgrowing up in the 80s and 90s he was larger than lifewe probably compared him to our own fathers and other male adults in ourlives most likely puny in comparison so we’veseen him as a very large man but look at this picture of Arnold next a real bigmen while shooting Conan the Destroyer Andre the Giant and Wilt Chamberlain andmake him look like a little doll also as far as his actual height goes it’sreported that he’s 6 foot 2 but I’m not so sure that’s actually accurate he’slikely closer to 6 foot in my opinion let’s be honest most of us probablyround up when someone asks us how tall we are for example I’m 5 foot 9 but Iclaim 5’10” also as far as people who have actually seen him in person they’llusually say he’s not quite as tall as you’d thinkcase in point one of my ex’s father who’s six foot five by the way claimedthat Arnold was barely taller than me I’d say realistically Arnold’s probably2 to 3 inches taller than me but regardless of height or size he’scertainly larger than life the key takeaway here is just to put things in perspective as that as many of you think you may have it right now in your own life I guarantee there are millions of people that would trade shoes with youin a heartbeat I mean literally 1 in 3 people globally do not even have accessto safe drinking water

    number 9 on the list is that he’s actually way richer than you thinkhe’s realistically probably worth half a billion dollars that’s 500 milliondollars let’s put that in perspective let’s say somebody made $50,000 a yearit would literally take them 20 years to get up to a million dollars and that’sif they didn’t get taxed on any of it and they didn’t spend a single dollarfor living expenses it would take them 20 years just to hit the million dollarmark if you’re thirty years old and just had a kidthey’d be well on their way to graduate not only high school but college in thatamount of time so 500 million dollars that’s working that same job for tenthousand years now I think that gives you a realistic picture of just how muchmoney that actually is but here’s the cool thing you don’t have to be aninternational movie star to make that kind of money though it certainly helpsbut that’s not how Arnold amassed such wealth he actually started a brick layingbusiness in the late 60s with Franco Columbu who is also a workout partner ofhis at the time he then managed to parlay that into his mail order businessselling exercise equipment and instructional videos then he became achampion bodybuilder we all know and transitioned into the movie star we allloved and then parlayed that money into real estate investments and otherbusiness ventures despite being from Austria he is a human embodiment of theAmerican dream an Arnold grew up in a small village in a house that had nophone no fridge and no toilet in fact he says one of the biggest highlights ofthis youth was when his family could afford to buy a refrigerator here’s atakeaway on this one it doesn’t really matter where he came fromArnold’s great success is not nearly as unique as you think now don’t get mewrong he’s extremely successful and wealthy and obviously among what wouldbe considered the ultra wealthy which by definition is usually considered wealthin excess of 30 million dollars but here’s where I’m going with this hissuccess is not unattainable had very humble beginnings in fact themajority of ultra wealthy individuals are actually selfmade just shy of 70% of them in fact let that sink in and think about thispicturing the self-made guy with the kind of fu money who flies around in hisown Learjet let’s say was wiped out in a day all of his wealth gone do you thinkhe would ever get it back of course he can now picture the average guy or girlcould they ever get that kind of fu money in their own Learjet wellthey most likely won’t but they’re essentially starting at the same levelas a self-made individual who did so why couldn’t they something to think aboutkey takeaway don’t set limits for yourself in other words just like Arnoldnever did speaking of Arnold growing up

    number 8 on the list is that his father never liked him and instead had a clear preference for Arnold’s older brother Mein hard sad but true the reason for this was that apparently stem from his father’s unfounded suspicions that Arnold was not his biological son now whether or not that was true the fact of the matter is Arnold did not have a great childhood as a result and did not even get along with his own brother though he was at least close with his mother key takeaway here is that at the end of the day some people have it easier than others and we can consider them lucky but what we really need to focus on is a great quote by Bruce Lee he says “don’t pray for an easy life pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” so

    number 7 on this list he was way stronger than you think they don’t just cast anybody as Hercules after all he may not exactly be able to show the press a Mini Cooper during his early years in bodybuilding he also competed in Olympic weightlifting and power lifting contests he won two weightlifting contests in 1964 and 65 as well as two power lifting contests in 1966 and 68 in 1967 he even won the Munich stone lifting contests lifting a five hundred and sixty pound stone between his legs while standing on two foot rests as far as his Olympic lifts go his personal records for those were a clean impress of 264 pounds a snatch of 243 pounds and clean-and-jerk of 298 pounds as far as the big three lifts for power lifting goes his pros from records for those were squad of 545 pounds a bench press of 520 pounds and a dead lift of 710 pounds no siree big list would add up to a total of 1775 pounds very impressiv every solid numbers for the key takeaway here is not to just look the part but be the part especially in this day and age where everyone seems to put up a front especially on social media but for you lifters out there don’t just pile on the weight and risk injury instead I think most gym rats you focus on being more athletic and agile so

    number 6 on the list is it’s way more dominant body building than you think in fact the Guinness Book of World Records called him the most perfectly developed man in the history of the world I’m sure plenty of you are aware that he’s won the mr. Universe title as well as numerous mr. Olympia titles let’s get a little more specific here and break down what he really achievedhe became the youngest mr. universe in history winning that first title at the age of 20 and then winning it several other times as well but the biggest competition of bodybuilding is actually the mr. Olympia the brainchild of Joe Weider who created it as a way to enable winners of the Mr Universe title to compete against one another honest first Olympia appearance was in 1969 and he took second place to Sergio Olivia the following year in 1970 Arnold would win the highly coveted title and continue a dominant reign until 1975 when he would retire from the sport the 1975 and mr. Olympia was a subject of the documentary pumping iron by the way which really helped the sport of bodybuilding gain some much-needed popularity Arnold would then make acomeback in the 1980 mr. Olympia and be the subject of yet another documentary this one appropriately titled comeback after an absence of five years six times mr. Olympia when her arms war singer makes a comeback and attempts to take the world bodybuilding championship for the seventh time and he did this one however was considered controversial as some people believe he wasn’t deserving of the title his most outspoken critic at the time was a late Mike Mentzer who came in fifth place that year but Arnold’s win and the overall politics with in bodybuilding as a whole of such a bad taste in Mike Mentzer’s mouth he wound up retiring his posing trucks and decided never compete again never the less whether Arnold Schwarzenegger was deserving with that 1980 mr. Olympia title win or not that contest would gain him his seventh overall title and he still remains the face of bodybuilding to this date and an overall great ambassador for the sport the key takeaway here is and we’re gonna go with Mike Mentzer’sperspective life’s not fair it never was for anyone and never will be but you know what get over it Mike Mentzer never got over the 1980 mr.Olympia he felt like he gave the contest is all but was a victim of politics andconspiracy I could clearly see why he might be frustrated but let the anger and frustration subside don’t let it consume you don’t let it turn you into a victim so what if you were passed up on that job promotion by another colleague who was less deserving of it if you really feel that way and you’re honest with yourself and you know your value then find another company that will pay you for what you’re worth it’s too easy for us to get complacent I’ve been there myself some

    number 5 on the list ishis dedication of training was insane he was obsessed although Arnold Schwarzenegger was always athletic he wasn’t immediately drawn toweigh tlifting the study got his start in soccer I’ll say as a way to try to impress his father who had some catch in the iron bug however at around the age of 14 or 15 after her soccer coach took him and his team to do some weight training at the local gym and that moment on Arnold was hookedhe gave up soccer and began pursuing the career as a professional bodybuilder and strongman after he had started lifting weights as a teenager he noticed this body was becoming disproportionate his arms and chest were developing nicely but as the calves and lower legs weren’t quite getting the same type of development to motivate himself to work even harder on his calves he could of to his pants at the knees walk around like that people would look at and sometimes snicker out the big man with the chicken legs he was actually so dedicated as a teenager that when the local gym was closed on the weekend he would break in to work out all said it would make me sick to miss a workout Iknew I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror the next morning if I didn’t do it Schwarzenegger served in the Austrianarmy for here as part of the mandatory service requirement for all eighteen-year-old Austrian males he went AWOL during basic training so he could compete in the junior mr. Europe conscious and spent a week in military prison as a result honorable is also known as a volume trainer for example when training for the 1975 mr. Olympia title the schedule consisted training six days a week twice a day on Mondays Wednesdays and Friday sand once a day on Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays it’s not the type of volume that anyone would really advise these days and is actually pretty similar towhat Sylvester Stallone did throughout the 80s when training for a new Rocky or Rambo filmeven Stallone admits that what he did at the time was just overkill and no onereally needs to train that long to get great results the key takeaway here isthat to become great at something you have to become obsessed nowrealistically what most of us could take away from this is just to be moreefficient smarter with that time it’s not like any of us really have six hoursjust for a day to work out but we’re not exactly trying to be mr. Olympia eitherbut there’s no reason we can’t put in a solid efficient hour in the gym severaltimes a week just get off your phone if you’re gonna do that and cut the resttime down and you’ll still get great results remember to take advantage ofthe time you do have there some

    number 4 on the list is the man has his own statute the statue of honor Schwarzenegger is an 8 foot tall bronzes culpture erected in 2012 in commemorate his 1970 mr. world title at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium was at that out of Turin where the 1970 mr. world competition was actually held at that time young bodybuilding sir I just arrived in the city fresh from the mr. universe victory in London and rügenthird president of Columbus City Council said that the statute not only memorialized as a partnership between Schwarzenegger in the city but also the former governors accomplishments in the state of California as well as his promotion of leadership and healthy lifestyles throughout the world the Veterans Memorial Auditorium was bulldozed in 2014 by the way so obviously that statue could not remain there the statue was moved downtown near the Columbus Convention Center where the annual Holland Sports Festival is held under Schwarzenegger has got another statue this time when carved out of a black oak tree trunk which is very fitting since his nickname is the Austrian oak master sculptor James O’Neill’s Austrian oak measures six foot two in height weighs 350 pounds and features Arnold in a signature bodybuilding pose the black oak statue took James O’Neal more than six months to complete the wooden statue of Arnold ended up being a big hit at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival and James O’Neill has since gathered quite the following on Instagram under his username James O’Neill woodart, he currently has over 25,000 followers the key takeaway here is to make a positive impact while most of us will never have a statue fashioned after us we can still positively impact lives whether it’s with your own children or volunteering to help out the less fortunate do something that helps in some way to make this world a better place when you leave and when it was when you arrived

    number 3 on the list is that Arnold Schwarzenegger actually did ballet despite the tutus ballet is way more manlier than you may think ballet is all about grace and confidence body posture and creating visual symmetry with the body these elementsare what les Schwarzenegger become such a good poserso with bodybuilding you obviously need a good amount of muscle and it will define physique and with that you need to know how to properly show it off and Arnold certainly knew this I don’t think a lot of bodybuilders spend nearly enough time developing this skill in fact there was an amazing body builder in the 90s who is truly lacking in this area being Paul Dillet. Arnold: “Posing is just extremely important this is why I always say to bodybuilders, you must practice the posing as much as you train your body becauseit’s the very crucial stage it’s the last round that’s where you win or lose.Paul Dillet is 260 pounds has enormous chest and leg developments and I hope he works on his posing.” Arnold’s not the only one who practicee ballet in order to better their own craft by the way Jean-Claude Van Damme comes in mind he also implemented ballet and his own training to help increase his balanceand flexibility which is one reason he looks so incredibly graceful with hiskarate so you might think the takeaway here is that ballet is awesome which it certainly is but the real takeaway is to think about something you can include in your own life to make you better at your craft even if it’s something more broad like meditation for example that practice will make someone more focused and calm in all aspects of life speaking of meditation Arnold Schwarzenegger says a year of practicing Transcendental Meditation in the 1970s squashed his anxiety and fundamentally changed the way he approached life so

    number 2 on this list despite all odds he became one of the most successful actors in the world before becoming one the most successful actors in the world he really had everything going against him yet his films that ended up grossing over 4 billion dollars worldwide when he started his acting career he was told his body was too muscular his accent was too thick and his name was too confusing for him to ever become successful in avery early film Hercules in New York for example Schwarzenegger was actuallycredited as Arnold Strong but he would soon drop the cheesy pseudonym insistedupon using his real name which has since become synonymous with some of thegreatest action films of all time going back to Hercules in New York thestudio ended up dubbing his voice due to his strong accent”I am tired of The same old faces, the same old things. “his accent has become part of his appeal since then, in fact, he said that he could speak English unscrupulously if he needed it. but added the very things that they said would make it impossible for me to be successful in acting were the things I became my assets referring to his name his voice “the same old things”and his physique the key takeaway here is that all of us are unique individuals we shouldn’t try to become something we’re not it’s not authentic what we should do however is become the best versions of ourselves that we can Arnold has clearly done this and achieved great success as a result speaking of movies

    number 1 on this list Now it wouldn’t be on the same caliber what sylvester stall one that man directed two rocky three four Rocky Balboas as well as 2008’s. Rambo in 2010’s The Expendables Arnold gave us a remake of the film from 1945 something you’d probably never guess, for example it was romantic comedy 1992’s made for television movie Christmas and Connecticut the story sees a star of a successful cooking show that is set to do a live show on Christmas where she’ll cook Christmas dinner but what no one knows is that she can’t cook I’m not sure why I did this movie but he probably wanted to try something new and needed a break from all the action after 1991’s Terminator 2 Judgment Day smashed box-office records now the key takeaway here is to try new things you never know what will happen while Christmas in Connecticut didn’t exactly make Arnold a prominent film director and that was likely not his intention it is a good idea to stretch yourself I mean what if Arnold just stuck to soccer and never tried out weightlifting as a teenager well I’m pretty sure no one would have ever heard of him.

    This was some Top 10 Amazing ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Facts

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    Other Facts

    20 Amazing Facts That Might Save Your Life One Day

    June 27, 2020

    20 Amazing Facts That Might Save Your Life One Day

    Have you ever woken up with the thought thattoday you’ll face a life-threatening situation? Yeah me neither. I bet most people don’t even think aboutbeing in danger. But you know, you can’t predict when or whereyour life might be at risk – and it might happen when no one’s around to save theday. In this case, you’ll have to become your ownhero, so learning some basic safety and survival tricks is absolutely crucial.

    Here are the 20 Amazing Facts That Might Save Your Life One Day

    1. Never use bleach and cleaning products thatcontain ammonia at the same time and in the same room. Their vapors will mix in the air and createa toxic gas called chloramine. It can seriously harm your health, leadingto problems with breathing. Keep in mind that ammonia is a common ingredientin window cleaning products.

    2. The smell of urine or fish at home, for noapparent reason, should set off alarm bells in your head. It’s not that you have an incontinent fish. It means that the electrical wiring mightbe melting, which can lead to a fire, or even an explosion! Cut off the electricity until you figure outwhat’s happening.

    3. Try not to leave a pan or a deep-fryer unsupervised. But if you did, and your cooking oil caughtfire, do NOT attempt to extinguish this fire with water – it’ll only make the flamesshoot higher! Instead, immediately turn off the heat andcover the pan with a damp cloth or a lid. It’ll starve the fire of oxygen, puttingit out. Alternatively, if a fire is still small and,therefore, manageable, dump a handful of baking soda or salt on it – it’ll smother theflames. A kitchen fire extinguisher can also be handyhere.

    4. If your car conks out in the middle of a railroadtrack, and a train is approaching, abandon the vehicle as fast as you can. After that, run away from the track, but towardthe upcoming train. If you choose the same direction as the trainis moving, you’ll find yourself in the path of your late car’s debris, and you’llhave to duck under the flying big pieces.

    5. The most common heat stroke symptoms are nauseaand dizziness. But how can you be sure it’s a heat strokeif these symptoms are common for so many other issues? Well, eat something sweet, like a lump ofsugar or candy. If the treat tastes disgusting, immediatelyseek medical help – you’re having a heat stroke!

    6. Imagine your car got stuck far away from civilization,and you don’t have a phone or radio to call for help. In this case, a simple spare tire can saveyour life. While burning, it will produce thick blacksmoke visible from miles away, and chances are, somebody will notice your SOS signal. But remember this: never ever wander far awayfrom your car. All too often, rescuers find undamaged desertedvehicles, while the drivers who’ve left them in search of help, don’t survive.

    7. You’ve probably heard that lightning doesn’thit in the same place twice. Well guess what, it’s just a misconception. The probability of a second strike is prettyhigh; that’s why you should stay away from a spot hit by lighting. The safest option is to lie down in some hollowin the ground, since lightning tends to hit higher grounds. Get rid of all metal objects and your mobilephone. Three to four seconds before lightning strikes,you’ll feel a metallic taste in your mouth, and your hair will stand on end. Immediately sit down, bring your heels together,and place your hands on your knees.

    8. If you suspect that some object might be electrified,but you have to check it, touch it with the back of your hand. This way, if your suspicions are correct,you’ll get a charge out of it, and you’ll be able to snatch your hand back. But if you touch this object with your palm,the electric charge will make your hand form a tight fist, and you won’t be able to drawback.

    9. You can make a fatal mistake if you followthe popular misconception of trying to suck the venom out of a snake bite. The same goes for applying bandages and somethingcold on the wound, or burning it. What you have to do is to give the victiman antihistamine, make them drink a lot, and take them to a hospital right away! Never touch the area around the wound; otherwise,the venom will spread way faster.

    10. If you’re calling an emergency service, firstof all, give them your address. Only after that should you explain the reasonfor your call. In this case, even if something (or somebody)forces you to end the conversation, the operator will already know where to send help.

    11. If you get disoriented after diving and can’tfigure out which way you should swim to get back to the surface, exhale. The bubbles will start to rise, and all you’llhave to do is to follow them.

    12. Any scratch or bite received from a wild animalcan lead to rabies. Within 10-15 minutes after the accident, youshould thoroughly wash the wound and rush to a hospital. Every next hour lowers your chances of survival. Rabies is a fatal viral disease which is nextto impossible to cure if too much time passes after you’ve come into contact with an infectedanimal.

    13. If you’re crossing the road and see a brightsun reflection on the windshield of the oncoming car, chances are the driver won’t see you. Let them pass, even if, according to the roadrules, you have the right of way.

    14. Always plug your nose when you jump into alake or a pond from high up, feet first. The water could be swarming with dangerousone-celled animals, and the most horrifying among them is something known as the “brain-eatingamoeba.” If you don’t plug your nose, this amoeba canget into your nasal cavity with a powerful stream of water. From there, it can reach your brain, and,as you may guess from its name, this won’t end well. On the other hand, if you simply swallow thisone-celled organism, it won’t harm you whatsoever!

    15. If you find yourself in a situation whereyou can only get out of your car through the window, grab the heaviest thing you can find,and aim for the edges of the glass, not the center. The windows are most vulnerable in the corners.

    16. It may sound bizarre, but a bottle of watercan actually start a fire if it stays under direct sunlight long enough. In this case, the bottle will act as a lens,gathering all the heat in one spot. Never leave bottles lying around in a caron a sunny day, and keep them away from windows at home.

    17. If you find yourself face to face with a tornado,and it seems to be hovering over the same area, it’s most likely moving toward you. Choose an upright standing object and focuson it. If the tornado isn’t moving to the left orto the right of the object you’ve picked, it means it’s moving either toward you oraway. Don’t take any chances: run to the side ofthe monstrosity’s path.

    18. A metallic taste in your mouth while you’rein a large body of water, or in a swimming pool screams danger. It means that somewhere around, there’san electrical short circuit. Immediately get out of the water: if you touchthe source of this short circuit, well let’s just say they don’t call it Fryday for nothing.

    19. If your car skids, you can regain controlof it by steering in the direction of the skid rather than against it. On top of that, the risk of flipping yourcar will be lower in this case. But the main thing: never slam on the brakes!

    20. Admittedly, the chances that one day you’llfind yourself sinking in quicksand are pretty low. But if it ever happens: first of all, throwaway all your belongings to make yourself lighter, all the while taking tiny steps backtoward solid ground. However, if you’ve already sunk waist-deep,carefully lie down face up, as if you were floating on water. It’ll disperse your weight and help youto stay afloat. After that, begin moving toward “the shore,”very slowly and with the help of only your legs. Don’t hurry; this process often takes hours.

    How about you? Have you ever used any survival tricks toget out of a dangerous situation? Let me know down in the comments!

    so this was 20 Amazing Facts That Might Save Your Life One Day

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    Top 9 Amazing Facts About Ancient Egypt

    June 27, 2020

    Top 9 Amazing Facts About Ancient Egypt

    9 – Equality has been around, I told you! Seems like the society of ancient Egypt waswell ahead of its time on this issue, because men and women were equal under the law! That meant women were free to live withouta legal male guardian and could make their own decisions. There were however, certain limits in occupations. For example, a woman wouldn’t be allowedto hold a position in the army nor would a man be expected to be in charge of a household. However, everything else was equal. For example, women could marry whomever theywanted and later on divorce if things didn’t work out. Women could also buy and manage their ownproperty, meaning a woman could inherit things down the female line in her family. Another fun fact was that neither six wasfavored when it came to childbearing, as both sixes were seen as equal. The Ancient Egyptian gods and goddess areanother proof of how far the equality went, as each six was determined to be as importantas the other, and that each six had a unique set of skills. Hey, that makes total sense to me, I KNEWmen and women are different! Also, you might be surprised to learn thatboth sixes wore make-up, something that was more of a social norm rather than gender right.

    8 – Who really built the pyramids? The pyramids are as grand and mesmerizingas they can be. Majestic establishments of up to 455 feetbuilt in order to offer shelter for the part of the dad king’s soul that stayed behind. Let’s just keep in mind the different technologyavailable at the time, so it’s just utterly amazing how these structures were built. Having structures as grand as pyramids provesjust how advanced of a civilization existed on earth back in those times. If you try and think about the constructionprocess, you probably get instant flashes of that Cleopatra movie where sloves are laboringtheir lives away while a supervisor slashes his whip on their backs. As it turns out, that is an extremely commonmisconception, and the one responsible for conjuring the myth is the Greek historianHerodotus, all the way back in the fifth century BC. While it is true that there were sloves inancient Egyptian society, they were mostly used for domestic labors or for field work,tasks fairly easier compared to the tiring construction of the pyramids. Actual construction workers who were ratherskilled were used for the pyramids – it was considered a huge honor to work on thepyramids and workers took pride in their work. Most of them were paid workers who took twoor three-month shifts at the construction site and used to sleep and eat near the buildingarea. In fact, they were entitled to so many rights,that they actually could do labor strikes if they didn’t get paid on time. One method of payment included beer, meaningthat a day of work was worth almost a gallon and a half of beer! Hey, I think I know a few people nowadayswho’d still sign up for this agreement!

    7 – Hair?! Get outta here!! In many paintings and hieroglyphs dating backfrom Ancient Egypt, Egyptians are depicted with thick black shoulder-length hair, veryoften garnished with some golden details. However, don’t get it twisted, because itturns out that they actually despised hair! In fact, they hated hair so much that theyremoved every single hair on their bodyes except for their eyebrows. Fun fact, they even removed their eyebrowsin times of great grief, such as the occasion of a beloved pet cat dying! Ancient Egyptians, especially those in theupper layers, shaved off their heads and wore wigs instead. A pharaoh didn’t allow for anyone to seehim without his what are called ‘nemes’ on, a headpiece that covered his hair. Some data suggests that Egyptians shaved offtheir hair and opted for wigs instead in order to protect their head from the blazing sun. Wigs acted as hats and were made either fromnatural human or horse hair – how did a wig made from other’s people hair make themfeel less hot rather than their own hair is still a mystery to me, so I’m not quitesure I’m buying this one. What do you guys think? Anyways, hair removal from the body was alsoconnected with maintaining a good level of hygiene and protection against lice, whichgives lice less surface to move around, right? Young children would wear their hair tiedup and once they’d reached a certain age, their hair would be cut off. As a matter of fact, anyone with hair wasassociated with the lower levels of society and with poor personal hygiene. Well then!

    6 – I’ll take 2 dabs on top pleaseWhile today there are a variety of birth control methods, I’d think that a good majorityof you guys know that that wasn’t the case in the ancient world. I hope. Anyways, since the birth control issue wasa burning topic even millenniums ago, ancient Egyptians took the problem in their own hands! In order to avoid pregnancy, various solutionswere used. One extremely popular method was the followingrecipe: a bit of mud, honey, and mix it all up with a tad of crocodile sh*t! Then, this was to be inserted into the woman’svajayjay right before the actual uhhh….work in that bedroom took place. Supposedly the crocodile poo acted as a powerfulspermicide…..uhhh do we have anyone in the audyence that wanna test that theory now? They also found a way to test for pregnancyas well. A woman would be told to urinate on a sampleof barley and wheat every day for a certain period of time – if pregnant, barley andwheat would grow. Modern science was actually able to confirmthis to some extent apparently; barley can’t grow if watered with the urine of a non-pregnantwoman. Holy f*ck, how the h*ll did they figure thatout?! Seriously guys, this is a real scientificpaper that can be found in the journals of National Institute of Health.

    5 – Hieroglyphs?! Hieroglyphs are probably the first thing thatcomes to mind whenever Ancient Egypt is mentioned, as there are walls and walls covered withcolorful pictures of people and animals, with each telling a different story. The hieroglyphs are definitely fascinatingto look at, and you may wonder how they managed to use letters like that every single day. Well, the truth is….they didn’t! They only used the hieroglyphs when the writingwas supposed to be pretty to look at, such as for example the pyramid walls. Actually, the majority of the population inAncient Egypt didn’t even know how to write hieroglyphs because they were extremely complicated. Instead, there were writing specialists knownas scribes who did all the hieroglyphic writing. Those men were chosen as kids and were mostoften from the upper levels of society. They would train for years before even reachinga decent level of writing! Other literate members of ancient Egyptiansociety used the Hieratic script and the Demotic script, which are simplified versions of thehieroglyphs, where the letters are actually in the shape of letters and not objects. Hieratic script was used mainly for everydaywritings, such as accounting and letters, while Demotic script was favored for courtand document use. Makes sense, since it wouldn’t be very practicalto have to draw a goddamn picture each time you wanted to write something down, now wouldit?!

    4 – How You Like Me Meow? Cats were highly appreciated in ancient Egypt,and were literally almost on the rank of a God, and almost EVERY family had a pet cat. Their love for cats was so strong, that ifyou happened to harm or skill a cat, even on accident, you’d be facing a harsh sentenceand maybe even death! So naturally, when a cat dyed, the whole familywould go into mourning, and as said before, this was a deeply tragic event that requiredsome eyebrow shaving. It wasn’t that uncommon to have your petmummified as well! They’d be beried in special tombs alongsidemice and milk for the, you know, dat kitty cat afterlife. Before you think that cat mummification happenedin rare instances, hear this: In Beni Hasan, an ancient Egyptian cemetery site, a cat tombwas discovered with more than 80,000 feline berials inside. Really? Just 80,000? Pfffffffffffffft!!!!

    3 – Snippity Snip SnipLet’s just snip right into it. A circumcision is a procedure in which theforeskin of a pinis is removed so the head of the pinis is exposed. While the procedure itself seems a bit unusualand unnecessary for some to say the least, others still practice it today for a varietyof reasons. You might be surprised to find out where itsroots go back to – it was first practiced in Ancient Egypt! It’s still not clear why the Egyptians starteddoing this, many scripts point out that it was mostly done because it was thought itwould keep good hygiene levels for men. Considering the living conditions of the ancientworld, as well as the ways of the not-so-safe six practicing, they might’ve been right. Let’s just say that there wasn’t a lotof antibacterial soap to be found around. Others depict the circumcision as an officialpassage from childhood into adulthood, to prove a boy were to become a man by stoicallysurviving through the pain. The procedure itself was mostly done in publicand in large groups; up to 100-150 boys at a time and the more silent you managed tostay, the braver you were. It was performed by priests who used stoneblades. Are you f*cking kidding me?!?! It goes without saying that there were zeropain-killers involved. However, circumcision was far from mandatoryin Egypt, not everyone had to go through with it and it was mostly aimed towards the upperclasses of the society and especially towards the priests. It is worth mentioning that there were exceptionseven in this case – some mummies of kings with exceptionally well-preserved genitalshave been examined and it was more than obvious that their foreskins were been left intact.

    2 – Paint around my gut could ya? There’s a common saying that history isoftentimes told by the winners, or in this particular case, by the rich and powerful. If I know one thing to be true, it’s that. Well, that and taxes. And oh yeah, death. Anyways, remember how all of the hieroglyphsand paintings show tall, slender, and athletic men and women, running around doing the dailytasks in Ancient Egypt? Well… turns out that not everything is asit has been told, or rather, painted. Painters were told to follow the ideal proportionsand show pharaohs as what was seen ideal for the time, even though that might not havebeen the real case. Considering the dyet common for that particulartime, obesity wasn’t that rare in Ancient Egypt. This was especially true among the upper levelsof the society, whose dyet was rich in sugar. They’d eat a lot of honey, dried fruits,and drink plenty of beer and wine. Since the upper society members didn’t doany laboring or better said, nothing at all, they’d often spend their days indulgingin tasty, sugary food without even moving a finger. Their laziness went so far that they wereeven fed by their sloves. The remains found from the pharaoh Hatshepsutshowed that she was so obese, she probably suffered from diabetes, something that wasrather difficult to achieve in ancient times of obscure feeding!

    1 – Cleopatra did it with the lights off?! For many centuries, Cleopatra has been shownas the ideal woman, a real beauty with her strikingly thick, black hair, red lips, andperfect eyeliner, so she didn’t have to think twice before using her six appeal asher most powerful weapon. However, recent data show that maybe thatwas not the real case, and she might have actually been the beast in the story! Newer proof shows that actually, her facialfeatures were strong and similar to that of a man. Her nose was bigger than average and was greatlyhooked, something which wasn’t seen as bedazzling among the much-wanted long and sleek noses. One theory says that this depiction of herselfas ugly was a part of her well-thought propaganda, so she did it on purpose so she would seemstronger and harsher as a ruler. However, she was so educated, that she completelychanged the way kings and queens should be seen. Cleopatra was fluent in at least ten languagesand with an extensive knowledge of mathematics, philosophy, and astronomy. Evidence shows that she was extremely charismaticand used her oratory skills to the maximum. This was how she used to capture all of thatmen’s attention. Hey, remember that one ladies, oratory skillsto the maximum!

    This was Top 9 Amazing Facts About Ancient Egypt

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    Other Facts

    Top 14 Interesting Psychological Facts About Dreams

    June 27, 2020

    Top 14 Interesting Psychological Facts About Dreams

    People dream about six years during theirlives on average. Imagine! Six years spent absorbed in wondrous, frightening,thrilling and sometimes completely incomprehensible sensations. Your dreams, if you could record them all,would certainly prove just what a creative being you really are. Why we dream what we do might appear to betotally mystifying, but in fact, the disciplines of dream and sleep science have actually discoveredquite a lot about dreams. This video will give you some deep insightinto dreams. You will discover a lot of information thatwill truly astonish you! Let’s get started.

    Number 1 – Your Mind Is More Active DuringA Dream Than When You’re Awake During sleep, the mind and body relax. After all, the primary reason why we sleepis to recover from the day’s stress on the body, to repair muscle damage, and to freshenup for the next day’s demands. Yet, as paradoxical as it may seem, your mindis a buzz of activity while you are asleep, even more so than when you are awake. Sleep studies – where a brain’s electricalactivity is measured – provide solid data documenting brain activity. But why is the brain so active when you areasleep? Well, you experience a lot during a typicalday. When you are awake, your brain is so busytaking in everything you see, hear and feel, that it has little time to actually process,categorize and store all this information. When you are asleep, your brain finally hastime to make some sense of it all. There is also evidence that your brain becomeseven more stimulated when it has to deal with a brand-new experience, or with some majorchange you experienced – regardless of whether that change was good or bad.

    Number 2 – It All Happens in Your Subconscious Your conscious mind relaxes when you are asleep,but your subconscious never really sleeps. When you sleep, your subconscious is whereall that dreaming takes place. You see, your subconscious mind is busy processingyour thoughts and concerns – this processing generates dreams. Dreams speak the language of the subconsciousmind; and this language is composed of images, metaphors and other symbols that your consciousmind usually has a hard time grasping. This is why most people have trouble makingsense of their dreams. But you can be sure that your dreams don’tjust come out of nowhere – they come right from your own, personal experiences.

    Number 3 – Your Dreams Only See Familiar Faces What? All those weird events in my dreams? I know all those people? That’s right! Your subconscious can’t invent new faces. That only makes sense, because your subconsciousonly “remembers” things. So, any face that appears in your dreams isa face you have already encountered. This does not, however, mean that you actuallyknow the person. Well, just think about it. Your eyes see and take in things that yourconscious mind doesn’t really pay attention to. Just think of all the people you pass by duringthe day, maybe faces in a crowd you glanced at. You may not recognize any of those faces,but your subconscious stored all of them. Most of the main actors in your dreams are,however, people you would recognize – simply because they occupy your thoughts more. But sometimes, your dreams can concoct a strangemix of familiar and unfamiliar people. For instance, a friend of yours might appearin one of your dreams. His face and personality might seem to matchup with reality. Yet, upon waking, you might realize that aperson with a different face actually played the role of that friend.

    Number 4 – You Can’t Read In Your Dreams You are typically engaged in a lot of activityin your dreams, but one thing you aren’t doing is: reading! Yes, books and signs might pop up, but youaren’t reading any of them because you won’t make out any words or letters. This is because reading is a conscious activity! Remember – your brain is the product of along period of evolution. However, humans have been reading only forabout 5,000 years. Your subconscious is not equipped for this. When you are asleep, your conscious mind istaking a break. You can’t even read a clock in your dreams. And it gets weirder… You can’t see yourself in a mirror! If you look into one in your dreams, the imagewill be blurred or resolve into another person.

    Number 5 – Sensory Incorporation It may seem strange, but it actually shouldmake some sense. In order for you to dream, your body needsto be relaxed. If your body is disturbed by some externalsensations such as noise; or internal sensation, such as bladder pressure – your subconsciouswill be affected by this. Anything like that will bring you out of adream state. In order to get back to it, your subconscioushas to be completely undisturbed. So, you need to shut off the noise, or goto the washroom – before your mind will be able to start dreaming again.

    Number 6 – Men And Women Dream Differently Researchers have discovered that women andmen dream differently, and they dream about different things! Several studies have documented that men dreamabout things like – for example, weapons – far more often than women do. Women, on the other hand, dream a lot moreabout things involving clothes. Furthermore, men’s dreams contain a lotmore aggression and physical activity, while women’s dreams more often have to do withemotional themes such as exclusion or rejection. In addition, a lot more conversations arebeing held in women’s dreams than in men’s. Women’s dreams are also a bit longer andinvolve more people than men’s dreams. What might seem somewhat surprising, is thatin men’s dreams, men appear twice as often as women. Women’s dreams, for some reason, are morebalanced: men and women appear roughly as often.

    Number 7 – Fifty Percent Of Dreams Are Negative According to research, negative emotions emergein many of your dreams. Your dreams are, in a sense, fair about thisall: about half of them are positive, but half are also negative. Negative dreams tend to involve emotions suchas: anger, fear, insecurity and sadness.

    Number 8 – Dreams Can Be A Sign Of AnxietyOr Underlying Stress Our dreams show that humans everywhere seemto have a lot in common! No matter where we are born or where we growup, our dreams often involve being chased, attacked or falling. Other common themes are feelings of beingfrozen or immobilized, or arriving late. Sometimes we even dream about appearing nakedbefore others! While the meanings of such dreams can differdepending on a person’s particular circumstances, these dreams can often be connected to feelingsof anxiety or stress. If you experience unpleasant dreams, try topay more attention to taking care of yourself. Also try to deal with circumstances that arecausing you stress.

    Number 9 – Premonition Dreams There are some really astounding instancesin which people have foreseen things in their dreams that would happen to them. These dreams often turned out to be surprisinglyaccurate. Were these dreams a glance into the future? Or were they just a matter of circumstance? Well, some pretty strange cases of premonitionare recorded in history! For example: • Many of the 9/11 victims dreamed aboutthe coming terror attack • Mark Twain dreamed about his brother’sdeath • Abraham Lincoln dreamed that he wouldbe assassinated • The verified dreams of 19 people foresawthe sinking of the Titanic

    Number 10 – Dreaming In Black And White Your dreams might be very vivid and colorful. A lot of people have such dreams. Yet some people say that their dreams areblack and white. Why? Studies have established that ‘age and themedia’ one is exposed to, might play a role in what colors occur in people’s dreams. For example, older people grew up with blackand white television and photography. Many of them have monochromatic dreams: it’sthe way they picture people and events external to themselves. Younger people, on the other hand, have knownnothing but color photography and television.

    Number 11 – Dreams Recharge Your Creativity OK, so dreams might contain some subconsciousmessages, but what use can they really be? Well, dreams can help you in various aspectsof your life – every day. Researchers suggest that dreams are especiallyhelpful in developing your creative capabilities. Artists often remark on how useful their dreamsare in their creative processes. But dreams can help anyone – by providingcreativity toward solving everyday problems. Just as you use your waking imagination whenyou are trying to be creative, dreams do precisely this while you are asleep. While you sleep, your subconscious is dealingwith and working out problems. The process is actually quite similar to thecreative process you use when awake. In other words, the creative process continueswhen you’re asleep, and your dreams actually help improve your creativity. As you may be aware, dreams can even directlyprovide you with inspiration. Let’s say, for example, that you’ve justdreamed something really amazing, or you experienced something challenging, or you relived someemotional event. These kinds of dreams can help connect youto strong feelings, and thus, help you be more creative.

    Number 12 – Dreams Have Changed History So, you now know that dreams serve to refreshand support the creative process. History shows that many dreams directly ledto ideas that changed the world! For example: • Larry Page came up with his idea for Google• Dimitri Mendeleyev came up with the periodic table of elements• Elias Howe was inspired to invent the sewing machine• James Watson envisioned the DNA double helix• Tesla got the idea for an alternating current generator

    Number 13 – It’s Possible To Control YourDreams Have you ever had a dream while you were sleepingand were aware that you were dreaming at the time? That kind of dream is referred to as a “luciddream”. It is thought that lucid dreaming arises froma state that combines both consciousness and R.E.M. sleep. While you are in such a state, you can oftencontrol the contents of your dreams! About fifty percent of people remember havinga lucid dream at least once in their lives; and some people have lucid dreams over andover again.

    Number 14 – You Always Dream, You Just Don’tAlways Remember Yes, always – even if you don’t remembera single dream. Most people have several dreams each timethey sleep. These dreams can concern any number of scenariosand differ in intensity. Yet, many people just don’t remember themonce they wake up. Over half – about 60% in fact – don’t rememberanything of their dreams after five minutes of waking up. After just ten minutes, most people forgetabout 90% of the details from their dreams. So what you remember of your dreams, is onlya small fraction of what you actually dreamed. But there is an exception. If you happen to wake up suddenly while youare in the R.E.M. phase of sleep, you are often able to remember quite a lot of yourdream’s content. Of course, dreams can also stick with youif you have a particular dream repeatedly, or if they contain some very strong emotions. If you want to remember more of your dreams,keep a notepad by your bedside. As soon as you wake up, write down anythingyou can recall. Once you’ve recorded your dreams, you canrefer to your notes and see whether any themes are recurring. You can even try to identify any messagesyour subconscious may be communicating to you!

    so this was Top 14 Interesting Psychological Facts About Dreams

    So, there you have it! Pretty interesting, don’t you think? These dream facts may just be the tip of avery large iceberg. Psychologists and neuroscientists are stillconducting research into the purpose of dreaming and the meanings of dreams. Many are convinced that there is still a lotto learn! Share YOUR thoughts and comments below! And, tell us about some of your most interestingdreams

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    Other Facts

    Some reason How Your Childhood Affects Your Life

    June 26, 2020

    Some reason How Your Childhood Affects Your Life

    Do you ever catch yourself doing something like having a mini panic attack when you’re asked to speak in front of others? But maybe needing to be the center of attention all the time, and wonder why do I do that? Part of the answer lies in how you bonded with your parents during your childhood, the way you were raised, where you were raised, and your relationship with your family shapes a large part of who you’ll become as an adult. One of the ways your childhood molds you into the person you are is the development of your attachment style. This video talks about the four attachment styles, as well as how you can spot them at work or school in relationships, and in a crisis. You might be wondering what is an attachment style and why should I care?

    Thanks to the research of Harry Harlow and John Bowlby, the mental health community uses the phrase “Attachment style” to describe the ways we interact with and attach to others throughout our lives. As you might have guessed You start developing your attachment style as an infant. It’s first formed by the way you bond with your caregivers then continues to be shaped throughout your childhood.

    Understanding your attachment style is the big deal because it can tell you a lot about How you relate to your friends and family, how you work with groups of people, and how your handle problems or obstacles in your life? Of course, there are other things such as your temperament, culture, and self-talk that influence the way you deal with people. But for now, let’s learn more about attachment style. In 1970, psychologist Mary Ainsworth wanted to know more about how children with different temperaments attached to their parents and what this says about how they relate to the rest of the world. Would they get separation anxiety when they were away from their mother, or what they settle into their environment just fine? Her research has shown us people form attachments in one of four ways.

    1, Secure (type B). People with this attachment style are confident that their needs will be met. They’re the most likely to assert themselves and ask for help.

    2 Insecure avoidant (type A) People with this attachment style tend to appear more withdrawn and independent. They don’t usually believe others will meet their needs and rarely ask for help.

    3, Insecure Ambivalent/Resistant (type C) People with this attachment style can be difficult to read because they alternate between being super clingy and rejecting others. They’re often insecure and seem to have trouble exploring new situations

    4, Disorganized. People with this attachment style view all interactions with others as if they’re a chance to solve old traumatic situations from their past. They tend to suffer from depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. Those of the disorganized attachment style are more likely than the other three styles to use negative things like drugs, alcohol, or starting drama to disconnect from painful feelings. If everyone has an attachment style, then you can probably name at least one person in your life with each style. Let’s take a look at how the four styles relate to others at work school and relationships and in a crisis. If this e examples remind you of anyone, tell us about it in the comments.

    1. Secure attachment style (type B). At work or school, People with a secure attachment style are typically focused and good communicators. They’re the least likely to get involved in gossip or drama. But the most likely to ask questions at meetings or sit in the front of the class. In relationships, people with a secure attachment style are the most likely to make the first move and the least likely to play at games. They tend to have healthy boundaries and are usually respectful of others boundaries. In a crisis, Although those are the secure attachment style don’t enjoy a drama or crisis, they’re able to manage their emotions and see the big picture when problems happen. They keep their cool enough to tolerate differences of opinion and help smooth over hurt feelings.

    2. Insecure avoidant (type A) At workers school the person with an insecure avoidant attachment Style probably has difficulty making friends and is probably seen as a loner at school or work They tend to be more focused on the work itself rather than the social part of group projects. In relationships, your friend or significant other with an insecure avoidant attachment style may have problems talking about or even identifying how they’re feeling They tend to be happier talking about more intellectual topics. The person with an insecure avoidant attachment style is also more likely to be that friend who tells you “Nothing’s wrong”, then explodes with anger. In a crisis, the person with an insecure avoidant attachment style goes out of their way to avoid super emotional situations Which actually makes them great in a crisis. They’re able to use their more objective nature to take charge and do what’s needed in order to solve a problem

    3. Insecure Ambivalent/Resistant (type C) At work or school, these are the classmates and co-workers who always seem preoccupied or anxious People with the type C attachment style tend to be more sensitive about their work and need more reassurance than other attachment styles. In relationships, those with a Type C attachment style are often labeled as way too sensitive because they react strongly to anything That seems like they’re being rejected by you This may cause a person with a Type C attachment style to be clingy or attempt to reject you before you reject them They also tend to blame others for their relationship issues. In a crisis, people with the type C attachment style seemed to feed on drama and will often stir the pot during a crisis Because of their anxiety and habit of personalizing other’s behavior, those with an insecure ambivalent resistant attachment style need a lot of reassurance and advice when they’re having issues. And

    4. Disorganized At work or school, whether they do it by pulling fire alarms, getting a co-worker fired or proudly breaking the rules, People with a disorganized attachment style love to test boundaries Classmates and co-workers might see the person with a disorganized attachment style as charismatic but they’re the most likely to engage in Mean Girl type behaviors. In relationships, it can be downright challenging to have a close one with someone who has a disorganized attachment style because they can be aggressive, abusive and manipulative. Loved ones of people with a disorganized attachment style often feel like they’re replacing those that have hurt this person in the past in this person’s current drama. In a crisis, because they often feel as though they’re reliving past negativity or abuse, people with the disorganized attachment style often feel triggered by crisis. These feelings of being triggered can lead to explosive anger Substance abuse and the need to punish others Did you see yourself or anyone you know in any of those examples? More importantly, how did you feel about what you heard? If you recognized something you didn’t like in yourself, the good news is attachment styles aren’t set in stone. You can unlearn your bad habits and self-talk by working with the right therapist and putting in the work.

    This was Some reason How Your Childhood Affects Your Life

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    Other Facts

    9 Signs Someone is a Narcissist

    June 26, 2020

    The signature characteristics of many personality disorders can be quite unpleasant, such as the case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Interacting with an NPD sufferer can be confusing, frustrating and even hurtful. The NPD Individual will often overlook or ignore many of these traits that make them unlikable.

    Here are 9 Signs Someone is a Narcissist.

    1. Instead of listening they’re wrapped up in their own opinion. Ever felt looked down upon or ignored, even though that person was in no position to do so? You might have encountered a sign of narcissism. The perception leads them to believe what you have to say isn’t important, so they blank it out. Rather than actively listening and integrating in discussions, they treat all conversations as a platform to present their ideas only, which they think are the only ideas worth listening to.

    2. They tend to cheat in relationships. Narcissists feel their treasures that are too good for anyone. Bring this attitude into a relationship and you have lightning waiting to strike. Cheating is often a way for narcissists to build their ego. Author Katarina Valentini at Psychology Today says that narcissists are incapable of forming any kind of normal relationship and will wreak havoc in partners lives. Betraying someone and leaving them in great grief gives a narcissist a rush of power.

    3. They constantly need to be admired. If you’ve seen a narcissist, maybe you’ve seen that they almost swagger. Oosing conceit and arrogance with every breath. They may look like they possess tremendous confidence, but it’s not enough. They need constant admiration. The delusion of always being entitled to admiration is why people around them often find themselves emotionally drained. To them there’s no greater rush than being put on a pedestal and worshipped by their fans and followers.

    4. They do not take any criticism well. Have you ever commented on something someone said and they lashed out at you? Maybe the reaction was more hostile than expected. They think they’re superior to others around them and believed themselves to be infallible. They react poorly, maybe yelling, throwing a tantrum, or with another unreasonable response, when they perceive what you’ve said might be criticism.

    5. They exploit others without guilt or shame. Narcissism and empathy don’t go hand in hand. Narcissists are unwilling to see the world from the perspective of others. As a result, they’re able to exploit others without any feeling of remorse. They can manipulate people to fulfill their own needs without regard for the consequences that their actions may have on others.

    6. They belittle others. The narcissist thinks they’re the best and brightest so sing proof that dictates otherwise, like someone who is more talented than they are at a particular activity, is a rude shock. The response is to make sure that the person is below them where the narcissists feels most others belong. They try to be dismissive about the other person to show that they don’t really even care about them. And if that doesn’t work, they resort to personal attacks. They belittle and intimidate the other person in order to assert the superiority over them.

    7. They see themselves as more attractive than they really are. Despite the fact that everyone should feel attractive, there’s a fine line between a healthy self-image and being delusional. This line is often crossed by narcissists, who believe that they are exceptionally attractive, regardless of having any imperfections. The narcissist uses this perceived superior attractiveness to justify to themselves why they’re too good for everyone.

    8. They gaslight those who are dear to them. Have you ever noticed feeling that you can’t remember anything correctly around a specific person? When you’re with that person, do you feel a little like you’ve lost your mind? That’s due to gaslighting. A tactic narcissists use in order to manipulate and gain power and control over those around them. Gaslighting is frightening, because it’s insidious. The manipulation is lengthy and gradual, so the victim doesn’t notice it happening, like when you grow taller. The end result of the long-term gradual manipulation is the devastation of the victim. It can reduce the most healthy confident person down to being a shaking paranoid shell. The victim no longer believes they know what’s real, so they adopt the reality of the abuser, giving the narcissus full control.

    9. They put some people on pedestals. Our last sign seems oddly contradictory to the other signs, but it is very logical and here’s why: Narcissists believe that they have to have perfection in everything, including people they associate with. A narcissist will often cozy up to someone higher in status, believing that the perfection will somewhat rub onto them. For example: That suck-up in class who always gets the lecturers full attention, or the brown-noser at work who barely does any work, but gets promotions.

    Do you or does anyone you know show these signs of narcissism? Tell us which sign or signs you find most helpful and why in the comments below.

    So this was some 9 Signs Someone is a Narcissist.

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    8 Signs Your Parents are Making You Stressed

    June 26, 2020

    8 Signs Your Parents are Making You Stressed

    Every child has an innate need to be loved and accepted by their parents Sometimes the pressure to make your parents proud of who you are and accept you can leave you feeling overwhelmed Such stress can be detrimental to your physical as well as emotional health Have you been feeling stressed out lately?Do you wonder if your parents might be the ones triggering it? It’s important to recognize the signs of stress early on and learn to cope with them So here are eight signs that your parents are making you stressed

    Here are 8 Signs Your Parents are Making You Stressed

    1: You avoid them as much as you can Do you dread going home after school? Do you spend as much time as you can with your friends and keep yourself busy with work or studies to avoid your parents? avoidant behavior usually indicates that a certain stimulus is too stressful or too distressing for you to bear. And in this case, it’s your parents You’ll take any excuse you can get to get away from your parents and avoid them as much as you can

    2: You feel anxious when you see them Your parents constantly compare you to your siblings or do they always set their expectations for you unrealistically high? If so, it’s normal to feel uneasy and anxious whenever you see them Every moment you’re with them. You’re just waiting for another shoe to drop or something to go wrong You worry they’ll criticize your choices Pressure you into doing something. You don’t want to do give you unsolicited advice or tell you how you’ve disappointed them again

    3: You can’t concentrate around them Your parents only nag you about what you’re doing wrong. Do you always get an earful and feel down on yours elf whenever they do? Maybe that’s why whenever they tell you they’re planning to visit soon, it suddenly becomes the only thing you can think about You can’t focus on doing your homework, planning events or turning in the last project anymore because you’re already stressing about what to do. The fact that you’re having difficulty concentrating Shows that your parents take such an emotional toll on you, that it doesn’t leave you with much time energy or attention for anything else Or you get emotional when they’re around? You notice yourself getting more angry or upset when your parents are around Are you quicker to lose your temper or cry when they’re there? If your relationship with your parents takes you through a constant emotional roller coaster. that should already be your first clue that something is very wrong here Mood swings are one of the most common signs of serious stress You feel a lot of emotional distress because of them and it makes you more defensive

    5: You worry about what they’ll say all the time When you spend a lot of time and energy worrying about what your parents will think, it’s a definite sign that they’re causing you a lot of stress. You’re consumed by thoughts like when my parents approve of this or what will they say when they find out and you always considered *their* feelings, sometimes, even more than your own when it comes to making a decision Even when you’re no longer living under their roof, they’re still influencing the things you do, the way you dress, the way you act, the people you spend time with and so on

    6: They disrupt your eating and sleeping pattern Is it harder for you to eat right and sleep well at night whenever your parents are around? This is because you lose a lot of your appetite when you’re stressed or anxious, and it can lead to restlessness or difficulty sleeping as well. So if having your parents around disrupts your eating or sleeping patterns, it’s most likely because of all the stress they’re putting you through

    7: You start to have physical symptoms Your frequent encounters with your parents trigger headaches, chest pain, fatigue, even hives in you? Stress is closely associated with low energy; chronic pain and a weakened immune system that often results in frequent sickness. Other symptoms of severe stress include shaky hands, muscle tension, palpitations and increased blood pressure So if you start to notice physical symptoms arise as a result of something that happened with your parents… then they might be the reason why you’re feeling so under the weather lately any and

    8: You usually feel better when they leave Finally, but perhaps most importantly, you know your parents are making you stressed if you immediately have a sigh of relief when they leave. Every moment with them is tense and painful for you, but once they’re gone you feel like you can breathe again. As if a weight has suddenly been lifted off your chest. All your cognitive emotional and physical symptoms disappear and you feel a hundred times better now that they are not around. Why? Because they were the ones causing you so much stress in the first place. While your mother and father might have the best interest at heart, Parents sometimes overstep their boundaries and fail to see when they’re doing more harm than good to their children. also, if you know someone who may benefit from online counseling, we actually partnered up with betterhelp : an affordable online counseling platform that *you* could utilize. They’re constantly striving to improve their services in terms and conditions and the link will be in the description box Do you feel like your parents might be making you stressed? How many signs did you relate to if you relate to this video? What do you plan to do next? Do let us know in the comments below.

    so this was some 8 Signs Your Parents are Making You Stressed

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    8 Signs of Someone is Secretly Depressed

    June 26, 2020

    8 Signs of Someone is Secretly Depressed

    Have you ever heard the term, smiling depression? High-functioning depression or hidden depression? As these names may imply, This is when a clinically depressed person tries to keep their depression a secret from others;

    They often appear cheerful, successful, and seemingly put together… leading you to the belief that their lives are perfectly happy, fine, and without mental illness. Is there someone you think might be secretly depressed? Look out for these 8 telltale signs that they might have hidden depression.

    Here are the 8 Signs of Someone is Secretly Depressed

    1: They feel emotions on a much deeper level. Does your friend become emotionally volatile in response to a simple question or comment? Those who are secretly depressed will often feel things more intensely than usual because of how much they bottle up inside. They’re more susceptible to crying, getting upset, or even having a full-fledged breakdown because they feel overwhelmed with the depths of all of their emotions. This swings both ways, being more affectionate and loving towards others while also more easily angered and saddened.

    2: They’re less positive and optimistic. Does your loved one, who used to be so easygoing and light-hearted… become cynical and pessimistic? They might be internally struggling with a lot of dark thoughts they are too afraid to share. They may adopt a more nihilistic point of view, and become less positive and optimistic than you’re used to them being.

    3: They’re obsessed with being the best. Depression, hidden or not, is often a thief that robs us of our ability to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. People with concealed depression will often throw themselves into their work in order to find meaning in their lives and make sense of their suffering. By overworking themselves, they get a sense of reprieve from their depression, and distract themselves from all the negativity that they feel.

    4: They have sudden mood swings. Depression isn’t always gonna look like sadness, Sometimes depression manifests as anger, irritability, and sudden changes in mood. Depression makes feeling happy and even enjoying things they used to love… incredibly difficult. Their response is a tendency to lash out and become emotionally unhinged. There’s just too much rage and desperation for them to suppress. So, like a volcano, they let it erupt and throw tantrums.

    5: They’ve started abusing drugs or alcohol. Occasional recreational drug use and drinking are fairly common; However, the red flag for hidden depression starts to wave when it stops being occasional and becomes regular and then turns into dependence. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, (or A.D.A.A.), found that approximately one in every five people who are depressed, also had a substance use disorder.

    6.They’re always out of it lately. Is your usually punctual friend suddenly forgetting your lunch dates? Does your friend zone out more often than usual when you’re talking to them? Difficulty concentrating and remembering is one of the symptoms of depression. The depressed person often has a hard time keeping their train of thought, and struggles with finishing tasks affecting their grades or work performance. They have difficulty with decisions and remembering recent events. They may even start to speak and move more sluggishly as a result.

    7: They feel bad about asking for help. Does your friend tell you something’s wrong, but then waves it away saying it’s just silly or unimportant and they’ll just deal with it on their own? When someone’s trying to conceal their depression from others, they’ll often send subtle cries for help that they immediately take back. they apologize for asking for help, even when they’re struggling, and never want to burden anyone else with what they’re going through, and

    8: They always TRY to look or act happy. Do you know someone who’s constantly smiling and cheerful? Usually denying that something is wrong, Even when you know, there is. They won’t let others see them cry, or be sad so, they make up excuses about why they can’t see you much Usually, when they think no one else is looking the facade will be dropped and you’ll see things aren’t okay. Those with depression won’t always show the symptoms commonly associated with the condition. Does this bring anyone to mind? Because of the negative stigma surrounding mental illness, many patients often feel the need to keep their struggle a secret for fear that they’ll be judged shamed or mistreated for their illness. If you know someone who you suspect is secretly depressed, you can do them a solid and show your support by reaching out to them, this may help them move towards getting the professional mental health care they need in order to improve. Paying attention to these signs could make you a lifesaver.

    This was some 8 Signs of Someone is Secretly Depressed

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    Amazing Facts About Earth You DIDN’T KNOW!

    June 25, 2020

    Amazing Facts About Earth You DIDN’T KNOW!

    10. 1.3 Million EarthsThink you know how big Earth is? If you guessed about 3,959 miles or 6,371 kilometers in radius,you’re right; but, relative to some of our outer space neighbors, what does that mean?Of the 9 commonly recognized planets, our home planet is 5th largest, only falling behindthe massive Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune; but let’s look at El Sol for another comparison.It would take about 1.3 million Earths mushed together to recreate the size of the sun,which is approximately 108 times larger than Earth itself.

    9. A Real Earth Day You may assume you’ve been spending yourlife enjoying full 24-hour days here on Earth, but you know what they say about assuming.In actuality, your days fall short of 24-hours, with a full rotation occurring within 23 hours,56 minutes and 4.1 seconds. If you think about it, our current method of daily cycling addsabout 1,460 minutes a year. So, who’s to blame for the additional time each day? The24-hour clock can be traced back to ancient Egypt, which divided the day into 10 hoursof day, 12 hours of night, with one hour added at twilight and one at the end of the day.

    8. Distance from the Sun Being only the 3rd rock from the sun, onewould think Earth is pretty close to that giant, glowing, celestial orb… right? Well,we all haven’t melted to death, so we’re not really that close. In fact, at our closest,we’re a hefty 92.95 million miles or 149.6 million kilometers away from the sun. There’salso quite a bit of a leap from Earth to the next farthest planet of Mars, at its closest,is an additional 36 million miles or 57 million kilometers away.

    7. Earth’s Lonely Satellite As you’ll come to find in our last stopson the express train to knowledge-town, Earth certainly doesn’t have the fewest satellites,but that doesn’t make our moon any less lonely, accompanied only by over 12,000 near-Earthobjects. Thought to be about 4.5 billion years old – not much younger than Earth itself- the Moon is approximately 238,855 miles or 384,499 kilometers away and is directlyresponsible for the tides on Earth. Though around 27% the size of Earth, the Moon isactually the 5th largest natural satellite in the solar system, only falling behind Jupiter’sGanymede, Callisto, and Io and Saturn’s Titan.

    6. The Many Quakes of Earth We’re no strangers to hearing about quakesall over the globe. From the calmer trembling of the Earth’s crust to the far more devastatingquakes, as a whole we probably knowingly experience several dozen a year. According to the NationalEarthquake Information Center, what we’re feeling is just the tip of the iceberg – andthe United States Geological Survey thinks it’s even more drastic than the NEIC states.According to the NEIC, approximately 50 earthquakes a day are recorded, or around 18,000 a year.The USGS claims that there are several million each year, with so many going undetected eitherbecause they’re in remote areas or due to their very small magnitudes.

    5. What’s Visible from Space? We have done a lot to this planet-sometimes creating beauty works, but often showing the worst people can dishout – but we know you’re wondering just how much of it is actually visible from space?Technically, thinking in the general definition of what we consider “space,” you won’tbe able to distinguish anything; but cross over into low-orbit Earth, and there are afew structures you can sneak a peek at, such as The Great Pyramids of Giza and the 64,000acres in southeastern Spain known as the Greenhouses of Almeria. Really, though, outside of beingable to identify cities, larger bridges here and there and lots of smog, you won’t beable to play much of a game of “I Spy.”

    4. Giant Mushrooms of EarthPrior to the introduction of intelligent humanoid life, Earth was known for its “larger thanlife” inhabitants. Among the more sizable things that once lived on the Earth’s surfacewere what scientists believed to be giant mushrooms. Even more intriguing than the thoughtof Earth being coated with fungi up to 24 feet or 8 meters high is that these sporesactually towered over what we consider “normal” plant life. Fossils of Prototaxites date backto over 350 million years ago, during a time when, quite ironically, life on Earth wasstill pretty small scale. Though popular theory pegs these fossils as once being fungus, thereare still those unsure of the organism’s true lineage.

    3. How Deep Does it Go? Holes have popped up all over the Earth’ssurface and some have even been at the behest of Russian scientific experiments – butthere’s one natural point that goes far beyond any known cave, valley, or canyon.The Mariana Trench, located in the western Pacific Ocean, just east of the Mariana Islands,reaches a depth of 36,070 feet or 10,994 meters below sea level. Expeditions in 1960 and 2012were the only successful attempts at reaching the bottom of the trench and, no, neitherfound the illusive megalodon. On land, the deepest point is an artificial hole startedin the 1970’s. After 19 years of attempts and drilling, the Kola Superdeep Boreholereached a depth of 40,230 feet or 12,262 meters.

    2. Is Earth Really That Unique?Quite often we hear about how different Earth is when compared to other planets in the MilkyWay, but is Earth really all that unique? In reality, there have been discoveries ofother planets many, many light-years away of planets that are quite similar to our preciousblue sphere. In September of 2010, a planet known as Planet G, or Gliese 581g, in theGliese 581 system was located. Planet G is said to be able to support life, similar tothat found on Earth. Unfortunately, current technologies limit knowledge on just how similarto Earth Planet G really is, but the potential is there.

    1. An Ungodly Naming As we’ve gone through the solar system,chances are you noticed the trend when it comes to their names. They’re pretty muchall named after a Roman or Grecian god. All of them, of course, except for Earth. Ourlittle planet’s moniker is believed to stem from the Indo-European “er”, with routesin the Germanic and Anglo-Saxon “erde” and “erda”, along with the proto-Germanicroot of “erpo”. In Germanic paganism, Earth was a goddess that paralleled the RomanTerra and Grecian Gaia, so while it may not have been directly named after a god or goddess,it still can be connected to one.

    So this was Amazing Facts About Earth You DIDN’T KNOW!

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